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Events PR News and Press Releases


Preston Opportunities presents on Labor Day weekend a sale – Saturday and Sunday, September 3rd and 4th – at the former Mercy Grove Church building at 8964 Thomaston Road in Macon, at 9:30 am Eastern both days. Online bidding will be on Saturday thru Live bidding only on Sunday.

Headlining the event will be items gathered over the course of four decades – mostly rare and highly desirable jukeboxes, speakers, arcade games, slot machines and trade stimulators – from a collector who was a longtime friend of Preston Evans, the owner of Preston Opportunities. Per an agreement between the two made 30 years ago, Mr. Evans was able to acquire the collection.

There are thirteen vintage Wurlitzer jukeboxes (all playing 78 rpm records) that collectors covet, and this auction has many of them, all beautiful and in excellent condition. They include not one but two Peacock 850 models, a 950, an 800, a 1015, a 750, a 1080, a 780, an 1100 and a 1943 Victory jukebox. Wurlitzers that play 45 rpm discs will include a One More Time jukebox.

Speakers that are rare are often more valuable than the jukeboxes that power them. Up for bid will be a 41 model (with beautiful plastics, in excellent condition), a 61 model; a 4009 model (one of only 1,000 produced); a wall-hanging 4008 model; a 4031 model (similar to one that sold for $40,000 in one of Mr. Evans’s prior sales); and some small speakers that are now all the rage.

The slot machines in the auction are absolutely gorgeous. Examples include two Mills 10-cent Black Cherry machines plus others by Mills; a Jennings ‘Little Duke’ slot; a Golden Nugget slot; and machines by Pace and Sphinx. Some are called jukeboxes because they pay out money; others (like ‘The Tourist’) pays out in prizes. The cigarette machine slots pay out in cigarettes.

There are about eighteen gorgeous 1930s-era Catalan tube radios in the auction, including a rare ‘Skyscraper’ model in which the radio is played behind the scenes by an operator. The toys category includes collectible cast-iron banks and a U-Turn Caterpillar toy bulldozer. Other group items include lawn jockeys, car and train collectibles, drugstore items and aluminum cannisters.

Mr. Evans was fortunate enough to score some items from the now-defunct Enrico Caruso Museum in Brooklyn, N.Y., thanks to his friendship with the former owner. These include sheet music, records and music boxes (“anything to do with Caruso, this sale has,” he said). Speaking of Edison, also sold will be a very early coin-operated Edison phonograph called a hexaphone.

“I realize I’m taking a bit of a risk holding this sale when I am, with inflation soaring and the economy the way it is right now,” Mr. Evans said, “but I believe people should do with their money what they love best. Many of the items in this auction are investments as art, and I am describing them that way. These investment-quality pieces of art will stand the test of time.”

There will be a preview Friday, September 2, from 4-6 pm, Eastern time, at the former Mercy Grove Church building in Macon.  Doors will open at 8:00 am on Saturday and Sunday for preview and registration.  Both auctions will begin at 9:30 am.  All times quoted are Eastern.

The non-refundable purchase for registration and admission to this auction is $25 and includes a color brochure. A $50 option includes registration and a seat available on a first-come, first-served basis; the price will be applied toward a winning bid. A $100 per person option includes a brochure and a reserved seat for up to two people per bidder number (non-transferable); the price will also be applied to a winning bid. Seating is limited; folks are encouraged to reserve a seat.

All attendees must register for this auction. People can register through the Preston Opportunities website: Once the registration form is completed, it can be mailed to Karen Braswell, at 110 Clarksville Court, Macon, GA 31210. Her email address is [email protected]. Mr. Evans can be reached via email at [email protected].

To learn more about this very important two-day auction planned for Saturday and Sunday, September 3rd and 4th in Macon, please visit To inquire about purchasing a brochure, or for any other matters, send an email to [email protected]. or [email protected]. Preston Opportunities can be reached by phone at 478-461-4931.

Mills Troubadour jukebox in pristine condition, acquired from the now-defunct Enrico Caruso Museum of America in Brooklyn, N.Y.

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