Pterosaurs at the Museum of Flight

On March 25 paleontologist Don Henderson brings prehistoric flight to life during his presentation about the tireless pterosaurs who ruled the skies over 65 million years ago. Henderson is the Curator of Dinosaurs at the […]

UMFA presents The Unique Perspective of Abelardo Morell

Cuban-American artist Abelardo Morell (born in Havana in 1948) captures the enduring magic of photography by innovatively blending long-standing and recent technologies, from the camera obscura to the digital camera. Morell’s work explores the very […]

British Museum announces 19th century China exhibition

A major new exhibition at the British Museum showcases the resilience and creativity of 19th-century China. The Citi exhibition China’s hidden century will illuminate a pivotal period in China’s history – one that forms a […]