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Ghosts of War Exhibition by Richard Barnet

440 Gallery presents Ghosts of War, a solo exhibition of works on paper by Richard Barnet. This is Barnet’s first solo exhibition at the gallery.

Richard Barnet describes himself as a sculptor first and a draughtsman second. For this exhibition, Barnet has focused his attention on assembling an energetic body of work that describes his state of mind during the past few years. Drawing—in pen, pencil and watercolor—is the means of processing what he’s thinking, and lately he has been preoccupied with thoughts of his own mortality. At 81, Barnet feels an intense motivation to get things done while inspiration and energy is plentiful.

Ghosts of War explores the concept of a metaphorical ricochet, i.e., conflicts that keep returning and cannot be resolved. Whether his conflicts are idealogical, personal or even spiritual, Barnet grapples with the idea that when one least expects it, things come back to haunt you.

In this series of drawings, Barnet merges discordant elements into one thing, defining “either/or” and pushing elements towards “both/and” in the sense that all things can become one. In Child, see the Russian Tanks! Glory to the Red Army, the liberation of Auschwitz, January 25, 1945, the artist renders angels and stars against a barrage of shrapnel flying everywhere. House of the Demon brings together surreal architecture, part gothic cathedral, part bunker, in an even more esoteric landscape made up of blue skies and pock-marked earth. Are those oil slicks? Pools of acid? We’re not sure but it is ominous and deeply contrasts the blitheness of a cloudless blue sky. What ghost is haunting the artist here? Is it the existential crisis of climate change or the battle of civilization through religion?

Solo Exhibition by Richard Barnet
February 16 – March 20, 2022
Opening Reception: Saturday, February 19 from 2-4pm
Masks and social distancing required indoors.

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